Novia "Cade " Chevelle

The Doctor



2 Brawn
4 Finesse
4 Wits
3 Resolve
3 Panache

Erego Medicine
5 Healing
3 Animals
3 Ancestor

Prim Skill
3 Cooking,
4 Diagnosis,
3 First Aid,
3 Flora,
4 Compounds,
3 Poison,
2 Quack
4 Examiner,
5 Surgery,

Secondary skill
4 Socializing,
3 Street Navigation,
1 Scrounging,
2 Shopping,
2 Underworld Lore

Other skills
2 Balance,
2 Climbing,
1 Knotwork,
1 Rigging
2 Sea Lore,
1 Weather

3 Oratory,
3 Disguise,
3 Storytelling

2 Attack
3 Parry

2 Climbing,
3 Footwork,
3 Sprinting,
1 Throwing,
1 Improvised Weapon (Mug, Bottles)

Break Fall, Leaping, Lifting, Long Distance Running, Rolling,
Side-step, Swimming, Swinging

Night Trained
Island Hideaway
Pirate Trick: Hold Your Liquor
Specialist: Examiner, Surgery

Cannot say No (Similar to Lecherous): You give in to temptation
Altruistic: Reroll a failed test you attempted for helping someone else. Only once per test.

Midnight Archipelago
From Island of Marcina – Little Elysium
Originally Castillian Colony


Crimson mist pirate flag

1) Should Be Lover – Colin
2) Uncle Javel – Witch Doctor
3) Auctioneer from Empire of the Crescent Moon
1) Captain Eric Roberts – Former Captain Of The Ship
2) Merchant in Straights of Blood
3) Female Bartender in Freiburg
1) Former Bosen
2) Ché – Brother
3) Knights Inquisitor From The Vaticine Of Castille
4) Humiliated Pirate From Ussura, Won Drinking/Bar Fight

1. What Country is your Hero from? \
From Island of Marcina – Little Elysium
2. How would you physically describe your Hero?
Caramel skin and hair that is only slightly darker. When she is posing as a man her hair is done back in tight braids. When she is her normal female self it is very curly and hangs just below her shoulders.
3. Does your Hero have recurring mannerisms?
Probably yes… though still deciding on this
4. What are your Hero’s main motivations?
She wants to find her place in the world. A lot has happened to her, and while she misses her home she knows it isn’t really a place she can go back to… it wouldn’t be the same. So now, the winds blows and the tide flows and she knows wherever it takes her is where her heart will belong.
5. What are your Hero’s greatest strengths? Greatest weakness?
Greatest strengths:
She can still find light in the darkest hour. She doesn’t like death that much, and when there is someone in need she doesn’t see good and bad, she see someone who needs her help.
Greatest Weakness:
She doesn’t like the thought of people dying when it is not their time, not their turn. Even when it might not be the smartest choice she will run back in to save someone if she can.
6. What is your Hero’s most and least favorite things?
Favorite Things:
Warm long nights under the stars, violin music, teas, sweets (bit of a sweet tooth), conversation with good friends
Least Favorite Things:
Unnecessary brutality, injustice (large and small), the cold, alcohol, early mornings
7. What about your Hero’s psychology?
Novia wears a lot of “masks”. The one is the male persona that she has used for a long time. Cade and Novia are the same person but as Cade she tends to be a bit more assertive with her voice and feels more at ease saying her opinion. As Novia she tends to be more gentler and kinda mother bear type. Everything will be the same person, but different sides of her. But in some ways both of these are masks. Deep down she is still trying to figure out all that has happened to her in the last couple of years, and what it means, who she is now, and where she goes from here.
8. What is your Hero’s single greatest fear?
Loosing those who she cares about most when there was something she feels like she could have done to help.
9. What are your Hero’s highest ambitions? His/her greatest love?
She is still trying to find that in her world. Right now it is to find her feet and see where they lead her. She can’t bring herself to go back to the Midnight Archipelago, she has seen too much of the world and staying in one place would never do… but she also knows there is more than what she has right now and wants to find it.
10. What is your Hero’s opinion of his/her country?
She likes her country. She has no reason not to. It is just not necessarily home anymore. Home is a tricky word.
11. Does your hero have any prejudices?
OOC: Still learning enough about the world to decide.
12. Where do your Hero’s loyalties lie?
Her loyalties lie to whomever she considers friend. She can not be with family, so friends are her new family, and if you are lucky enough to get a place in her heart to be one, she will be loyal till the end.
13. Is your Hero in love? Is he/she married, or betrothed?
Kind of. There was a man ((see background story)) whom she was separated from. They could have been in love, they were starting in that direction, but were torn apart. She still looks to the moon and thinks of his face and wonders where he is and if he thinks of her the same.
14. What about your hero’s family?
She has an Uncle to whom she is very close to. She has a twin brother who hates her ((see background story)). Her mother died while giving birth to her and her brother and her father went to sail. He sent money home to his children but she has not seen him in years. Her Uncle basically raised her.
15. How would your Hero’s parents describe him/her?
When she was a child they said she acted too old for her age, taking on more of the world then a child should, worried about things a child shouldn’t be worried about. They would see her caring nature early on and would probably be proud how she turned her situation around.
16. Is your Hero a gentleman or gentlewoman?
As much as she can be. She was never schooled in “properness”, but please and thank you and as such things she will do. It is always good to be polite and nice, bedside manner and all.
17. How religious is your Hero? What Sect of the Church does he follow?
She believe in the spirit world and has a great respect for it. She believes all life is connected. She does believe in a sort of heaven and hell, but they are not by the traditional sense. She does not follow a specific church.
18. Is your Hero a member of a guild, gentleman’s club or secret society?
19. What does your Hero think of sorcery?
Well, she technically uses some of it. She is fine with it and thinks it is part of the world. The fact that others would kill over just someone talking about sorcery she thinks is ridiculous, but also thinks with magic comes great responsibility, no matter the magics.
20. If you could what advice would you give your Hero?
Let yourself live a little, you only live once and if everything is so serious then it will slip by. Find a bit of free spirit in you and see how you will soar.

Background story:

Novia was on the Island of Marcina. She was born with a twin brother named Ché. Their mother, Landa, died during childbirth leaving the both of them in the care of their Father. But there Father, Ajay, was not the one to stay at home. His heart was to the sea and he made his fortune there. The family did not know what profession he had at sea, but he would always send money home to his two children to care for them. He left them in the care of his brother, Javel. Javel was a Witch Doctor, and a fairly renown one at that. The art had been a tradition of the Chevelle family for generation upon generation. It had been tradition that the art was passed down from Uncle to Nephew. Ché had always expected to be taught the trade and welcomed into the fold of the Witch Doctor Circle on his 14th Birthday. But that was not what happened on that day. Instead Javel came to Novia. Ché had not shown any potential for the craft, in fact he didn’t seem to have anything in him for it, but Novia did. Ché always held it against her and let his jealousy grow to hate for her, but never let it show outwardly. He kept it inside and let his hate and jealousy grow waiting for his day to “express” it.
Years past, and Novia learned well and fast. But one night her world changed forever. She was sleeping in her bed only to wake up to a cloth gag being tied in her mouth, a bag being placed over her head, and her hands and legs being bound. She didn’t know what was happening or have anyway to fight off her attackers. She could hear sounds of combat around her and knew her village was being attacked. She struggled and resisted as long as she could before she felt a sap to the back of her head. When she woke up she found herself on a wood floor with shackles around her ankles and her hands behind her back, still only in her torn night gown. There was a man in the room who introduced himself as Eric Roberts, Captain of the Crimson Mist. He informed her of what her new role in life was to be… and how struggling about it would only make things worse. He was in no way a good man, in fact his ship had a reputation as being one of the deadliest on the seas, killing everyone on merchant vessels even if they surrendered if they didn’t like the cargo, or raiding villages for entertainment sake like what they did to Novia’s little home. Novia learned fast that pride and stubbornness was never going to help her situation, instead she learned to work with it. She began to get to know that man that kept her only in his room, and thus he learned about her. He discovered her talent for healing after he came in from a battle with a sword wound to the chest. After some convincing he let her work her magic on him and heal him. Eric decided that she would be better use on the ship with her skills in healing instead of his bed. It was his idea to invent Cade, Novia’s male persona, for her own protection. There were only 2 people who knew the truth, Colin the surgeon and Malcolm the Quarter Master. Novia, now going by Cade, worked very close with Colin, learning more and more about how to heal people. Colin had originally studied at the most prestigious university in Avalon. He had been strong armed into service 5 years ago. He had always resented the Captain for it but was waiting for his time. During their time together Colin and Novia became very close. One day while going back to her quarters after a day of work Novia was cornered by Malcolm. Drunk and angry he decided that Novia owed him “something” for keeping her secret. Things were turning extremely violent when Colin came in to intervene along with the Captain. Malcolm fought against both of them trying to kill anyone in front of him. The Eric decided he was too unpredictable and marooned him on a island. Malcolm blamed the whole affair on Novia and vowed to get even.
Novia spent years on board the ship, growing a reputation and life as Cade. In her travels she had many adventures. One including when she went to Castille. There was a Knights Inquisitor From The Vaticine named Russo that was in the streets trying to drag a young lady back to be judged. Cade ran forward and tried to convince Russo to stop. He refused and continued to beat on the young women while he dragged her. Cade proceed to call forth the spirit power to stop him and let the women escape. Cade went over board, letting her rage over come her and called the spirits do more than needed. From this Russo became blind in one eye. He has a warrant on Cade’s head from it and is searching for her still.
She also spent time in the Straits of Blood, when the Crimson Mist had to hide from a Navy chasing them. There she met Engel, a merchant of a variety of wares. He became a close contact and she makes sure to come and say hi every time. Another is when she spent time in the Crescent Empire. She met Akeem, a “flesh merchant”. At first she had a hard time getting past his occupation, but the more she got to know him the better of friends they became. She learned the best way to meet him is to bring a date cake and they now have a ritual on how they say hello.
She also has a contact in Freiburg. Evelina is a bartender. Cade met her when her shipmate “rented” Evelina for the night for Cade, under the impression of the male persona. There was a very awkward night until Cade revealed he was Novia. Evelina kept her secret and is now a good contact.
Years past and Colin and Novia grew closer. They could have even been in love but Colin wanted off the ship. He had a plan to turn in the ship to the Montaigne Navy and for him and Novia to run away together. Instead when the Navy came they let Colin go per their deal but took in the rest of the crew. Everyone was thrown into prison, including Novia, not knowing that Colin had intended on taking her with him. She stayed there until she was picked up by Ainsley.

Novia "Cade " Chevelle

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