*Ainsley MacCodrum

Highland March


Ainsley does not dress for her station, finding men’s wear much easier to move in while she works. She adds feminine touches to her appeal though, by wearing earrings and decorative bits and pieces. Her hair is a deep red color, swept up and pinned out of the way with some plain black pins. Strands fall free when she works but they are quick to be tucked back up and away. She has eyes the color of the sea covered with dark lashes. Pale skinned but sun-kissed with freckles on her face and arms. Her figure is fit, so she lacks a few girlish curves having more muscle on her arms and legs than normal for a woman. Her bosom is not flat and her hips have enough of curve that you won’t mistake her for a lad. She wears a white, mid cut, linen shirt with a black vest over it. The vest has a sewn golden pattern like crashing waves displayed. A sash with the appropriate tartan is also adorned. A thick leather belt holds up her pants, which fit her fairly well. There is a horrid looking stain on the right knee from fish guts splattered and she could never get them to wash out. Ainsley finishes off her appearance with a good pair of water proofed flat boots and a brown satchel thrown over her shoulder. The satchel holds her emergency survival pack and is always with when she steps outside of her home, if staying else where she’ll take it with her when she steps out of her sleeping room.


*Ainsley MacCodrum

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