Maffio Venier


Maffio Venier is a tall large Vodacce. Not nearly as tall as the Vesten or Eisen, but he stands head and shoulders above the average Vodacce. He has long straight black hair that ends at the small of his back. Usually he just combs it back, unless commissioned to fight a duel. At which point he will braid it and tuck it under his shirt so it will not get in this way. It is said the last time he had his hair cut was before a duel in which he lost. On his right hip rests an elegant broadsword. On his left hip rest a silk bag with a single panzerhand in it. Despite his large and intimidating size. Maffio is a very relaxed and jovial person. He is always seen smiling and laughing as if he doesn’t have a care in the world. He dresses in finest of Vodacce fashion and wears a black sash draped over his right should, a symbol of the Razors, a branch of the Swordsman’s Guild that enforces Guild law. On the black sash, a single platinum swordsman guild pin. A symbol of his accomplishments as a Grand Master of the Lucani/Eisenfaust sword schools. Lately he has been traveling to a remote location in the Vestenmannavnjar islands to train under a Master of the Leegstra school.

Currently under the employee of Duke Samuel Duboise du Arrent, he act as the Duke’s Swordsman and Master-at-Arms.


Maffio Venier

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