~ Antoine Blais du Charouse (Antonio Torti) †


Tony is Dmitry’s oldest and dearest friend. He had been close with Dmitry and Benito, and sailed with them for many years. Antonio made his escape from the pirate ship that attacked them by offering his services to the pirate captain and becoming part of the crew. He sailed under the pirate flag for a year and a half, before finally earning enough trust to be granted shore leave. He then snuck out of town in the dead of night, swearing with every footstep never to get on a ship, boat, dingy or raft again for the rest of his life.

There is nothing he wouldn’t do for Dmitry. He would even get on a ship again, if necessary. After his escape from the pirate ship, Tony swore never to set foot on a ship again, not because of what happened to him, but because of what he was forced to do on order to make his escape. He would have been killed had he not joined the pirate crew, but in order to do so, he has to become a killer himself. To this day he continues to wake up in the middle of the night with cold sweats and nightmares, after tortuous dreams of the atrocities committed by his hand, taking other mens lives to save his own.

He currently lives in the Imperial City in Montaigne, where he makes a living tailoring lavish garments for l’Empereur’s courtesans.


After escaping the pirates, Tony booked passage to Kirk and collected the insurance money on the merchant ship that was sunk by the pirates. With the insurance money and the help of Corin, he moved to Charouse changed his name and managed to scheme his way into a Noble family by claiming to be their son from long ago. Used what was left of the insurance money to start a tailoring shop and used his noble connection to get into the Mode du Lac social club. Now that he has a productive business, Noble connections, and Corin he has been gathering information on the Pirates the attacked there ship, and planning his revenge.

~ Antoine Blais du Charouse (Antonio Torti) †

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