Anna, Dominique's Fate Witch


Anna is a dusky young Vodacce with liquid brown eyes and a seductive smile. She dresses in the traditional black of the fate witch order and always keeps her head hidden beneath a veil. She’s several inches shorter than her mistress and always walks a step or two behind her while in public. (Privately, the two girls are the closest friends, with no pretensions of rank between them.)


Dominique’s maid is dusky Vodacce beauty named Anna, a Fate Witch assigned to Dominique when both were six years old. The Imperatice told Anna to protect her daughter, since the girl had no sorcery of her own. Thanks to Dominique’s unassuming personality, the two became close friends, an Anna is now completely loyal to her mistress. Although she reports to the Imperatice, she would never do anything to hurt Dominique.

Anna, Dominique's Fate Witch

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