7th Sea: Courtiers & Criminals!

Courtiers and Criminals is the tale of three unlikely heroes’ journey from one end of Theah to the other. Forced by fate these heroes will brave the fiery of an Ussura winter to the blistering heat of the rain forest in the Midnight Archipelago. Dodging the razor sharp cutlasses of pirates on the open seas, as well as the razor sharp wit of courtiers in the court of L’Empereur.

Our Story so Far!

In the spring of 1668, Monty, Rebecca Deveraux du Mons, and Dmitry Ekatnava Shkolnikov v’Novgorov meet Dominique du Montaigne and her maid Anna in the catacombs beneath Charouse for a clandestine meeting. Dominique is afraid for her husband’s life and desperately needs a message to be delivered to him. General Montegue, Dominique’s husband, is leading the assault against Ussura. Dominique has leaned this has all been a plot by her father, L’Empereur, to kill Montegue. Dominique has lured our heores to the Catacombs with promises of future exploration of Petit Charouse if they help her. However, the meeting is interrupted by Captain Charles du Chevalier and a squad of Musketeers, but not before Dominique can give the heroes a strange compass and letter. The compass will help guide the group to Montegue, and the letter is will hopefully persuade Montegue to return home. Dominique and Anna disappear into the darkness as our trio is chased through the catacombs and sewers of Petit Charouse. Our heroes escaped through a basement entrance of the Columbe d’Or theatre. Our heroes interrupted the new opera Das Drachenfeld that was being debuted, as the fight between the musketeers spilled onto the stage. The actors continue with the opera as the audience seems a bit confused by the fight scene but believed it to be a part of the opera. Our heroes managed to lose the musketeers in the busy streets of Charouse and escaped to the comfort of Rebecca’s townhouse.

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Quartus 3, 1668

Heroes take ship River Mist to Buche

Quartus 5, 1668

Arrive in Buche around Noon. Meeting with Antoni Torti in the evening. Next morning at the ebb tide, deport for Eisen. Fire on the Docks.

Quartus 18, 1668

Spot the Crimson Roger.

Quartus 21, 1668

Arrive at Feldenshandt, port town at the Trade Sea and Rotstrom river delta. Unloaded ballast before heading up the river to Freiburg.

Quartus 24, 1668

Arrival in Freiburg.

Quartus 25, 1668

Depart with Eisen Monster Hunter and Guide, Sigurd, towards the Drachenbergen Mountains. Journey to take about two weeks.

Quartus 25-28, 1668

By river.

Quartus 29, 1668

Arrive at small riverport village. Enter woods next day.

Quartus 30-Quintus 3, 1668

Travel thru woods and reach foothills of Drachenbergen.

Quintus 4, 1668

Attacked by Gargoyles.

Quintus 6, 1668

See more gargoyles, do not attack.

Quintus 7, 1668

Ambush by Roland’s Men.

Quintus 8, 1668

Enter Ussura. Weather is awful.

Quintus 9-10, 1668

Cont. traveling, stay in Church outside St. Andresgorod. During night Dmitry has dream. The next morning enter town purchase wagon, horses and clothes.

Quintus 12, 1668

Start seeing the devastation of war.

Quintus 13, 1668

Arrive in Ekaternava. Dmitry visits home and Natalia.

Quitus 15, 1668

Wake up 5 days ahead of where we camped. Thanks to Matushka.

Quintus 16, 1668

End of Lady’s Favor. Messsage is delivered to Montegue. Receive second compass. Sudden vision of crazy man in explorer’s jacket in a jungle using two compasses to activate a large syrneth engine. Feeling of dread. Porte hole opens up and one of compasses is taken.

Quintus 17, 1668

Travel to Odyesse. Stop at Inn for the night. Bathhouse, Rebecca gets naked.

Quintus 18, 1668

Talk about how horrible children stories are. Meet Mikhail and Annishka on road. Annishka has seizure and starts mumbling about how “You (PC’s) have to save her.” Gives vague description of a woman in trouble and needs PC’s help. “The woman is pregnant and the baby will die if you don’t save her.” Annishka mentions water and the sell of lilies.

Quintus 19, 1668

Morning overhear talk about meeting Boyar’s meeting.

Quintus 21, 1668

Arrive in Ekaternava

Quintus 23, 1668

Arrive in Odyesse in evening. Montaigne still holds city. Fire Ships destroy Montaignes ship in port preventing Montegue from sailing home.

Quintus 24, 1668

Porte to Allende’s Ship via Corin. Antoni to get Brotherhood sponsorship. During meeting and man is spotted floating in water. The man is an unconscious Berek. Porte travel back to Odyesse.

Quintus 25, 1668


Quintus 26, 1668

Boyar meeting.

Quintus 27, 1668

Travel. Silver Fox.

Quintus 28, 1668

Arrive at Castle. Songbird. Castle too tough to get into.

Quintus 29, 1668

Travel to Odyesse via Corin. Discovery sets sails for Eisen.

Quintus 30, 1668

Feasting Day, badshit, Syrneth onboard ship. Ship explodes (Monty blows it up).

Sextus 1, 1668

Arrive in Charouse via Corin. Liam joins party. Opera.

Sextus 2, 1668

Porte Gate to Freiburg. Monty goes to Explorer’s chapter house. Liam/Einhardt – Josef’s House then the orphanage. Dmitry/Rebecca – Drachenheim Manor (Dmitry is given deed by Antoni). St. George then the Mad Wolves.

Sextus 3, 1668

Einhardt’s Brother, shadow creatures. Library, Gelingen School.

Sextus 4, 1668

Body found in Middle Class section of town. Observatory. Search Bottomfeld.

Sextus 5, 1668

Volker institutionalized.

Sextus 6, 1668


Sextus 7, 1668

Off to the Abandoned Keep. South of Freiburg, Heilgrund’s territory. Haunted.

Sextus 8-10, 1668

Hilly region, coniferous forest, muddy roads. Camp, crawfish dinner 8th. Rain all day and night. Cold and miserable. Stayed at way station on 9th. 10th enter dead zone found creepy keep.

Sextus 11, 1668

X-marks the spot. Fleischwulf. Kobolds.

Sextus 12, 1668

Return to Freiburg.

Sextus 13, 1668

Way station.

Sextus 14, 1668

Festering wounds from kobolds.

Sextus 15-17, 1668


Sextus 18, 1668

Back at Freiburg. At night Drachenheim manor is burned by the Mad Wolves. Sextus 19-21, 1668

Shop for Noble clothes, make Dmitry look more lord like (19th). Monty starts knocking holes in basement of Drachenheim manor. Dmitry works on boat at Drachenheim Manor (20th). Fought Mad wolves.

Sextus 22, 1668

Final fight with Mad Wolves. Win, Dmeter and Paul are thrown off Bridge.

Sextus 23, 1668

Go to Charouse with Corin. Meeting with Antoni.

Sextus 24-Julius 1, 1668

Dmitry and Monty travel to Monty’s Estate. Arrive on Julius 1st.

Julius 2-6, 1668

Monty shows Dmitry around the House and estate. Dmitry gets too drunk on Monty’s wine.

Julius 9, 1668

A white cat starts following Dmitry.

Julius 11, 1668

Rebecca shows up to see Dmitry.

Julius 12-19, 1668

At some point travels to Cotillion.

Julius 20, 1668

Party arrives for Cotillion.

Julius 21, 1668

Cotillion Starts. Dmitry dances with Jamis.

Julius 22, 1668

Day 2 of Cotillion. Dmitry finds lady in Fountain. Monty is challenged to a duel.

Julius 23, 1668

Last day of Cotillion.

Julius 24, 1668

Day of Duel, Monty Won. Leave for Charouse,

Julius 27, 1668

Arrive at Charouse. Find Lady in basement in Chateau. Deliver env. and broach. Julius 28-29, 1668

Dreams about being hunted by Monster on Jungle island.

Julius 30, 1668

Monty Arrives in Charouse. Plan to free lady from basement goes awry. Fight with Lightning Guard at Drachenheim Manor. Lady, Corin nearly killed. Rebecca blames Monty.

Corintine 1, 1668

Dmity has dream about island rising from the sea.

Corintine 1-5, 1668

Rest and heal from fight with Lightning Guard.

Corintine 6, 1668

Approach Roselyn (Rescued Lady) with plan to kidnap (rescue) her son.

Corintine 7, 1668

Porte to Charouse.

Corintine 8, 1668

Formulate plan.

Corintine 9-10, 1668

Rebecca case Academy. Next day Monty and Dmitry case Academy.

Corintine 11, 1668

New Plan

Corintine 12, 1668

Kidnap member of Montaigne Royal Family. Antoni’s borrowed ship from Allende, Fated Sky, leaves for L’Il du Bete. Party become members of the Brotherhod of the Coast.

Corintine 13-15, 1668

Sail down river. Night of second day kid stops screaming. 13th, make it river junction. 14th Halfway to sea, ships start stacking up. 15th, at mouth of river, 5 Montaigne Frigates plus smaller faster ships form blockade of all out going vessels. Each ships is searched and questioned before allowed to open sea. Stopped and allowed to proceed. Sailing in open waters for L’Il du Bete.

Corintine 19, 1668

Still sailing, Fracois (kidnapped kid.) Starts talking to guard.

Corintine 21, 1668

Still Sailing, Whales and Leviathan.

Corintine 28, 1668

Still sailing, cook reports running low on water. Change course to small island.

Corintine 30, 1668

Make it to Island for water. Vesten ritual. Re-provisioned, chart course for L’Il du Bete.

Septimus 3, 1668

New Moon.

Septimus 4, 1668

Night attack on Montaigne Frigate patrolling L’Il du Bete. Ship is taken. Antoni and crew of Fated Sky and prize crew of Montaigne Frigate Étoile, sail for Straights of Blood. Monty, Dmity, Rebecca, Corin and Francois row towards island.

Septimus 5, 1668

Night of the 4th, morning of the 5th, land on L’Il du Bete. Explore syrneth ruins, Fight Lucius Malveck on island. Malveck tries blackmailing Monty and party into handing over second compass. Malveck activates compass and second compass flies out of Monty’s hand/pocket (where he had it stored. Fight ensues Malveck activates Syrneth machine. Island shack, hum from ruins, vision of star constellation Erebus Cross low on horizion. Syrneth machine with power to move stars. Holy Crap! Crescent show up for compasses. Fight, Crescents get compass and summons fog to covers their escape. Francois runs off during fight. Is attacked by monster on island. Corin returns Monty to ship so doc. can see to his wounds. Dmitry and Rebecca find Francois. Start to face when Corin shows back up and porte’s them back to ship.

Septimus 6, 1668

Corin takes Dmitry and Rebecca to Freiburg. Dmitry hires guards to watch over estate. Receives notes from Armin that says he owes 20,000 guilders for a mortgage on Drachenheim manor previous owner took out. Paperwork looks legitimate. Dmitry hires barrister. Returns to ship.

Septimus 7, 1668

Arrives at the Straights of Blood. Shares are paid. Dmitry enters town, overhears rumors of Crescents traveling outside their normal hunting grounds. Reports are they are looking for 6 locks. Some more rumors are a pirate was found hanging in a gibbet on Carleon’s docks with a scrolled tacked to his chest that reads “the island of the sunken eye”. Antoni prepares orders to fix Fated Sky and sail to Vodacce to return ship to Allende, and commissions the Montaigne Frigate to covered into pirate vessel. Less then 2 weeks for Fated Sky repairs. Over a Month for re-fitting of Frigate.

Courtiers and Criminals

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