Fated Sky

Brotherhood of the Coast 14 gun sloop.


The Fated Sky is two masted merchant ship square rigged on the fore mast and rigged fore and aft on the main mast. She has a complement of 90+ sailors and 14 six pounder guns. In addition to the six pounders she carries 10 swivel guns. She often run under the guise of the merchant sloop Cosette’s Favor.


The Hanged Man capture the Merchant sloop off the coast of Montaigne en route to Kirk. Allende put a prize crew on the ship and sent it Kirk so the goods could be delivered. Sold the cargo as the merchant and handed the vessel over to his 2nd in command, Alesio. On her way the Vodacce, she changed the ship’s name to Fated Sky. She put the ship in port at Donna and returned to the Hanged Man as Allende’s 2nd. Alesio knows there will come a time when the Fated Sky willbe needed. She keeps her moored in Donna and waits for that time.

Antonio Torti, former pirate now fashion designer out of Charouse, called upon Allende for a favor. Antontio borrowed the Fated Sky from Alesio so the ship could be used to take another ship.

Fated Sky

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