Zorya Polunochnaya


Zorya Polunochnaya name means Midnight Star in Ussuran. The youngest of three daughters, she is often seen as 15-16 year old girl with milk white skin and blonde/white hair. She wears little more then a white linen shroud. She is often seen dancing and singing in the moonlight.


According to Ussuran legend the oldest daughter, Zorya Utrennyaya, opens the gate in the morning and her father (the Sun) rides off into the sky. The middle daughter, Zorya Vechernyaya, closes the gate upon her father’s return. Polunochnaya holds the vigil during the night.

The Zorya’s are tasked with watching the sky for the return of the “Great Beast” according to folklore. The great beast is reported to be trapped in the constellation Ursus (bear constellation). It is said if the great beast breaks it’s bonds it will devour the heavens and the earth.

Zorya Polunochnaya

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