Lucius Malveck


A small, weaselly Montaigne with a sharp black beard, Malveck has the unmistakable air of malevolence about him. Years of jungle living have hardened his muscles into tight cords, and he’s compensated for his size with cat-like dexterity. He dresses in well-used explorer’s clothes and has a tendency to snicker when he speaks (a side-effect of the encroaching madness).

Brawn 4, Finesse 5, Wits 4, Resolve 3, Panache 4

Reputation: -33

Arcana: Megalomaniacal

Background: Vendetta (4, Nobles in general)

Advantages: Montaigne (R/W), Théan (R/W), Castille

Porté (Adept): Attunement 2, Bring 4, Blooding 4, Pocket 4, Walk 5

Courtier: Dancing 2, Etiquette 4, Fashion 3, Oratory 3, Politics 5, Scheming 4, SIncerity 3

Criminal: Gambling 2, Quack 1, Shadowing 4, Stealth 4, Lockpicking 3, Pickpocket 4, Scrounging 4

Hunter: Stealth 4, Survival 5, Tracking 3, Ambush 3

Scholar: History 3, Mathematics 2, Philosophy 3, Research 4, Occult 4

Servant: Etiquette 4, Fashion 3, Menial Tasks 3, Unobtrusive 4, Haggling 2

Athlete: Climbing 3, Footwork 4, Sprinting 3, Throwing 2, Leaping 3

Firearms: Attack (Firearms) 3, Reload (Firearms) 3


Malveck always hated the rich. Growing up in Montaigne, it was easy to look with contempt upon the privileged class. They dined in opulence while children starved in the streets. They played political games while nations rose and fell. They wallowed in self-importance while the nation howled beneath their boots. He, in particular, had good reason to hate them. As the illegitimate child of a high-ranking noblesse and a disgraced Porté Master, he was theoretically entitled to all that wealth and privilege, but his father refused to acknowledge him. He grew up as a servant, waiting on the hated aristocracy hand and foot.

He wasn’t entirely helpless, however, His parent’s blood had given him Porté magic which he honed through practice and his mother’s lessons on the subject. He learned the art of political machination, and discovered how to make the noblesse destroy his enemies for him. And he learned about the Syrneth magic, about the strange technology of the western isles. With technology such as that at his command, he could take revenge for the long years of humiliation.

He also studied the Syrneth ruins, something the selfabsorbed hunters never found time for. In time, he learned some of their secrets, including basic operation of the reflecting pool and the means to control the protective wards scattered across the islands. He lacked the compass-artifacts he needed to properly harness their power, but if he could find them, he could hold the entire island hostage — or abandon them to the monsters. After years of searching, he found the first compass in the hands of General Montegue.

As these shallow plans of revenge formed in his mind, the pond began hinting at other things; secrets of the island’s operation, powers he could scarcely dream of. If he could unlock the right doors, ask the right questions… he could control the universe itself. Egged on by these visions, his plans slowly grew in scope. Kidnapping the Montaigne would be the first step, and could give him the funds he needed to move further. But when he had exacted his revenge… he would make Théah itself tremble.

Lucius Malveck

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