Giovanni Villanova


Giovanni is almost infernally handsome with a thin hook nose and sharp black goatee. He wears his hair short, against popular fashion, and his smoldering eyes burn through anything he sees. His slender body hides wiry muscles and he’s fast as a whip. He speaks in elegant witticisms and almost instinctively makes others feel inferior to him. He never gets angry… not visibly. The condescending smile remains on his face at all times and his voice never rises above a conversational tone. But the thought of being defied makes his blood boil, and everyone who has crossed him has lived to regret it. No one looks better in black leather than Giovanni Villanova; he’s smart enough to wear it at all times.


Giovanni is one of the most evil men in Théah — but also charming, seductive and quite reasonable about certain things. He rules his territory with an iron fist, but treats most visitors like guests. He’s found that putting people at ease makes it much simpler to kill them when the time is right.

He’s principally concerned with his own power, and with ways to prise the rest of Vodacce from his cousins. He knows nothing about the ruins in his territory and cares little for the Syrneth in general, but he recognizes power when he sees it. Worse still, he has the patience to look before he leaps. Anything that may increase his power is carefully studied before being implemented. Once he moves, however, he moves with blinding speed.

Giovanni Villanova

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