~Antonio Caligari †


Antonio is a lanky, edgy-looking Vodacce with a sharp chin and darting eyes. He’s worked hard at being deceptive, but lacks the knack. Those who speak to him come away with an impression of a cruel and frightened man trying hard to be charming.


Antonio, or “Weasel Boy” as his cousins call him behind his back, has been bullied by his cousin Fredo since he was old enough to walk. He was bullied into stealing Uncle Vincenzo’s walking stick (which earned him a week in the basement), and he was bullied into killing a man when he was sixteen (which earned him five years in prison). Now he’s being bullied into helping Fredo find the Syrneth ruins. He’s been bullied for so long that he can’t remember things being any different.

Unfortunately, for all his nasty tendencies, Antonio can’t hold a candle to real villainy. Villanova kills him without a second thought and leaves his body on the floor of the restaurant.

~Antonio Caligari †

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