~Alfredo Caligari †


Fredo is a tall man, well-built with a cocky swagger. He wears his black hair loose about his shoulders and his dark eyes smolder with constant anger. He’s too frightened of his great-uncle to ever disobey him, and obeys any edict from Vincenzo to the letter. While he has the moral of a shark, he maintains his noble upbringing, and exhibits proper manners at all times. He carries two rapiers thrust into his belt, and is equally skilled with either hand. He finds the sight of blood soothing and prefers to kill his victims up close, rather than shooting them from a distance. Like most Vodacce nobles, he’s very good at concealing the evidence.


Fredo realized from an early age that true power in his family did not lie with the merchants. They sold the Syrneth artifacts for great profit, generating the income which solidified Caligari power. But they never looked beyond their product, never saw the need which drove their sales and investments. For all the money they accrued, they were merely puppets. Great-uncle Vincenzo on the other hand, he saw things clearly. The Syrneth held the key to godhood; money was just useful side effect. Fredo knew what side of the equation he wanted to be on when the chips came down.

Since then, he has served Vincenzo faithfully as an assassin, duelist and hunter. He finds artifacts which his uncle desires and convinces their owners to turn them over. The recalcitrant end up in a pool of their own blood. He’s learned that his great-uncle doesn’t tolerate failure. The only time he neglected to return with his prize, he received a verbal assault so fierce he couldn’t sleep for a week. Vincenzo turned on him like a man possessed, showing strength and vigor positively frightening for a man his age. The incident so scarred him that he works harder than ever to achieve Vincenzo’s end. In that sense, he’s truly fearless, for any danger is preferable to facing the patriarch’s wrath again.

~Alfredo Caligari †

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