Courtiers and Criminals

Shadows of the Past

Soldi, Sextus 1, 1668

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Sextus 1, 1668

Arrive in Charouse via Corin. Liam joins party. Opera.

Sextus 2, 1668

Porte Gate to Freiburg. Monty goes to Explorer’s chapter house. Liam/Einhardt – Josef’s House then the orphanage. Dmitry/Rebecca – Drachenheim Manor. St. George then the Mad Wolves.

Sextus 3, 1668

Einhardt’s Brother, shadow creatures. Library, Gelingen School.

Sextus 4, 1668

Body found in Middle Class section of town. Observatory. Search Bottomfeld.

Sextus 5, 1668

Volker institutionalized.

Sextus 6, 1668


Sextus 7, 1668

Off to the Keep. South of Freiburg, Heilgrund’s territory.



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