Courtiers and Criminals

Dmitry's Hunt

Road to Odyesse, Port City in Ussura
Veldi, Quintus 17, 1668

Insert place text here.

Quintus 17, 1668

Travel to Odyesse. Stop at Inn for the night. Bathhouse, Rebecca gets naked.

Quintus 18, 1668

Talk about how horrible children stories are. Meet Mikhail and Annishka on road. Annishka has seizure and starts mumbling about how “You (PC’s) have to save her.” Gives vague description of a woman in trouble and needs PC’s help. “The woman is pregnant and the baby will die if you don’t save her.” Annishka mentions water and the sell of lilies.

Quintus 19, 1668

Morning overhear talk about meeting Boyar’s meeting.

Quintus 21, 1668

Arrive in Ekaternava

Quintus 23, 1668

Arrive in Odyesse in evening. Montaigne still holds city. Fire Ships destroy Montaignes ship in port preventing Montegue from sailing home.

Quintus 24, 1668

Porte to Allende’s Ship via Corin. Antoni to get Brotherhood sponsorship. During meeting and man is spotted floating in water. The man is an unconscious Berek. Porte travel back to Odyesse.

Quintus 25, 1668


Quintus 26, 1668

Boyar meeting.

Quintus 27, 1668

Travel. Silver Fox.

Quintus 28, 1668

Arrive at Castle. Songbird. Castle too tough to get into.

Quintus 29, 1668

Travel to Odyesse via Corin.



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