Courtiers and Criminals

A Lady's Favor

Dock of Carleon, Capital City of Avalon
Voltadi, Tertius 13, 1668

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Quartus 3, 1668

Heroes take ship River Mist to Buche

Quartus 5, 1668

Arrive in Buche around Noon. Meeting with Antoni Torti in the evening. Next morning at the ebb tide, deport for Eisen. Fire on the Docks.

Quartus 18, 1668

Spot the Crimson Roger.

Quartus 21, 1668

Arrive at Feldenshandt, port town at the Trade Sea and Rotstrom river delta. Unloaded ballast before heading up the river to Freiburg.

Quartus 24, 1668

Arrival in Freiburg.

Quartus 25, 1668

Depart with Eisen Monster Hunter and Guide, Sigurd, towards the Drachenbergen Mountains. Journey to take about two weeks.

Quartus 25-28, 1668

By river.

Quartus 29, 1668

Arrive at small riverport village. Enter woods next day.

Quartus 30-Quintus 3, 1668

Travel thru woods and reach foothills of Drachenbergen.

Quintus 4, 1668

Attacked by Gargoyles.

Quintus 6, 1668

See more gargoyles, do not attack.

Quintus 7, 1668

Ambush by Roland’s Men.

Quintus 8, 1668

Enter Ussura. Weather is awful.

Quintus 9-10, 1668

Cont. traveling, stay in Church outside St. Andresgorod. During night Dmitry has dream. The next morning enter town purchase wagon, horses and clothes.

Quintus 12, 1668

Start seeing the devastation of war.

Quintus 13, 1668

Arrive in Ekaternava. Dmitry visits home and Natalia.

Quitus 15, 1668

Wake up 5 days ahead of where we camped. Thanks to Matushka.

Quintus 16, 1668

End of Lady’s Favor. Messsage is delivered to Montegue. Receive second compass. Sudden vision of crazy man in explorer’s jacket in a jungle using two compasses to activate a large syrneth engine. Feeling of dread. Porte hole opens up and one of compasses is taken.



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